Let's get one thing straight before we begin to talk Wedding Day reds. Just like choosing the colour grey to paint your house, there are also 100 different tones of reds when choosing red lipsticks- orange red, tomato red, maroon red, deep red, light red, pink red, midnight red, wine red and the list goes on.

When my Brides request a red lip I always suggest to head up to your local MYER or David Jones with your trial makeup still on and try a few different tones. This way you will get a true feel to what suits you and what look you are aiming for.

Now lets get in to the 3 rules when opting for the statement red lips for your big day.

RULE 1. Think About Your Theme

Please remember to pick your colour based on the theme. Lets put it this way if you're wedding is a beach boho wedding, with natural flowers and bare feet, will red lips really suit the theme of the day?

Rule 2. Kissable Lips

If you have chosen an experienced Makeup Artist he/she should be aware of how to achieve long lasting red lips, especially when it comes to kissing your Hubby to be.

Opt for a lip stain, over your regular lip stick or gloss. That way Hubby and guests wont be smothered in red and your lips remain white.

Rule 3. Tone It Down

When matching nails with the statement lips, remember to keep everything else simple and natural. Pair those lips and nails with natural toned eyes, high-lights and dewy skin.