Lets talk about natural based products for a moment. Yes we understand natural is best when it comes to what our skin absorbs, what if I told you there was a brand in the market in which had all the knowledge and experience behind it....

Introducing Andrew Antonijevic and Anderson Tong, two Melbourne based Pharmacists whom created the natural based products APOTEKAH.


With so many beauty products out there today, the boys saw a window of opportunity for their knowledge of the health and wellbeing industry and started working together to create APOTEKAH based around natural products.

A & A tells me "Our inspiration came from years of experience working as pharmacists, and caring for the health and wellbeing of people on a daily basis" 

Andrew and Anderson continue to explain how so many of us are so conscious of health these days, from exercise, to what we eat, to now what we put on to our skin, that there was a place in market for a beautifully scented and created product.

I myself suffer from psoriasis, and when my skin was at its peak for dryness I was about to give up and try "Makeup free"... which is hard to do when you're a Makeup Artist and your obsession with beauty products. 

I then came across APOTEKAH and after trialling the products for a few weeks, I instantly saw results. My skin became less "stress out" from all the chemicals I had been using for years... It was about time I gave my skin a break it so badly needed.

I then thought to myself, this product is a great all rounded Wedding day prep product.

I am always advising my Brides to get on to a good skin care routine months before their big day, not only to help create a beautiful canvas, but to help calm the skin.

The boys say "The Active Hydrating gel is an amazing product leading up the Wedding day. We have carefully crafted Aloe Vera gel, cucumber water, and Vitamin E oil to help put the hydration, tone and firmness back into the skin. The Active gel is also a great 'morning of' product and is a great base for makeup application" 

Andrew and Anderson went on to advise against oil serums or treatments prior to the big day, as this can cause breakouts and cause the skin to stress if it not use to such a heavy product.

APOTEKAH is the new and improved way to introduce natural products to your skin and I am with them when they say "be nice to your skin".

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Photo by: Rose Jane Photo