Achieving Kissable Lips

When it comes to preparing your skin for the big day, most Brides book facials weeks in advance, buy the most expensive cleansers and moisturisers and stick with a healthy diet for clear skin.

This is all well and good, however when forgetting one of the most important features when it comes to your wedding day - those kissable, luscious lips, you're not achieving that full flawless canvas.

Beautiful makeup application begins with a flawless canvas. You can have the clearest of skin, however with dry and cracked lips your makeup will not look the complete with those cracked and dry lips.

So lets talk about prepping those lips for the perfect lipstick application:

1. A few weeks leading up to the big day, purchase a lip conditioner and make it an every day bag essential. I am loving, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Care. Enriched with emollients, protective sunscreen and Vitamin E, it helps moisturise and sooth those cracked lips.


2. Treat your lips to a scrub. Add sugar, honey and warm water in a small bowl. Apply the mixture to lips and using your finger tips gentle scrub your lips. I would do this a couple of times during the week leading up to your wedding and the morning of to remove any dry skin for the perfect lipstick application. 

3. For an over night treatment, Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight intense lip therapy is the perfect over night treatment in which will rehydrate your lips whilst you sleep.